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My beautiful chippy

My beautiful baby lop, Chip, aka chippy

My beautiful baby lop, Chip, aka chippy

I got my new bunny today. He is the cutest darn thing in the whole wide world! I got used to calling him chippy, but his real name is chip. He is only about 6 weeks old and is really tiny and cute. He did cost a pretty penny, but he’s worth it. Now I have prince of darkness, thumper, and chippy. I still miss milkshake, but I cannot bring her back as much as I want to.

Now onto some other things >.> . I have been doing some projects such as crocheting a HUGE baby blankie. If this one comes out right I will make another and sell it. I am thinking once I get some more blankets going I’m going to make an etsy shop. It might be a week or so before I get it up and running though. Gawd sewing is soooo fun. Crocheting is kind of relaxing though, so I might be making some crocheted items as well. I am also going to try to make a pattern for crocheted mittens, which would be cool. They could be locked and stuff probably too. I made locking mittens, they were silly, and cute.

Anyways, more tomorrow, or if I can think of anything, tonight.


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I miss having a Daddy

I dunno why but today I just miss having one. I miss the comforting when being sick gets too bad, or just being snuggled and bottle fed. What I really miss most is being tucked in and given my paci. I spend most of my time playing mommy, but sometimes I just can’t take it. Hell I got so desperate that the past few nights I have been sleeping while wearing thick cloth diapers. And normally I can’t stand anything thicker than a disposable. Normally I keep my mouth shut about it because I am all about making others more happy before I think about myself. But it’s too the point where I am miserable for not thinking about myself. That day I had to put milkshake down, I was bawling my eyes out and my bf just layed there and cuddled with me, and just comforted me like someone would a baby, patting my bottom. And it made me feel better, even a bit more relaxed. And, well I want that again, really badly. I guess maybe if I can get over my fear of asking, it’ll happen. But that’s all I can think about tonight, I will post more tomorrow.

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Update finally.

I haven’t been updating for a bit because I’ve been a tiny bit busy. Oh, and I got some awesome fish yesterday too! I got a fantail fish, and a regular goldfish that’s gold and white. I haven’t named them yet but I will soon. If anyone has suggestions for names that’d be awesome. I’ll take some pictures of them soon, and of a ton of other things I’ve been wanting to take pics of. My bunnies have been good, I got prince a new, bigger cage so that he can run around more and he loves it, he likes sitting on top of his feeder LOL.

As for diapers, still wearing 24/7, but lately the diapers have been leaking at night, again, which is kind of annoying. But I have my new hello kitty plastic pants so should start wearing them more ^^.

Today I found a baby crib at a thrift store for $40, but decided to wait to get an adult one. Oh and today was so funny. My grandmother and I were at walmart, and we were walking down the baby aisle, and I saw a car seat and I bet her I could fit in it, and so I tried, and I could! YAY! Now I can get one soon probably.

I also got a ton of cool clothing, and a cute baby blue bathing suit for the summer, even though I still wanna find a pink swim diaper.

I think that’s it for now, pictures and stuff tonight ^^

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Ordered new plastic pants!

The hello kitty plastic pants I bought

The hello kitty plastic pants I bought

I ordered the cutest pair of plastic pants ever! They’re pink hello kitty on the outside, and vinyl/pvc on the inside. I am soooo excited to get them! I bought one pair of plastic pants from the seller before, and they were great. They’re from china, but so worth the wait!!! The first pair I bought was actually pink with sheeps, and now they sell hello kitty *big grin*.

I might be getting a locking dress in a couple months too. I just love things that lock, for some weird reason. I’ve been wanting one for a year now, but they’re just so expensive, but now since my b-day is in May, I’ll be getting one. I also wanted this cute romper, but too expensive for right now. Plus dresses are the only babyish clothing item I don’t own LOL.

Oh what a wonderful thing diaperspace did… They IP banned me for no good reason. They deleted me once… and I thought it might’ve been because of a hidden link on the layout I put on it… So I rejoined. And now, this morning when I went to check mail, I got a white screen that said ‘IP Banned!’. I didn’t even use a layout this time… which is retarded. Anyways, no more social networking sites for me, I’m sick of them. Except Myspace of course because well… I have a few family members that want me to stay on there. Honestly… I have no problem with diaperspace.. but they really need to change the rules a bit. Even myspace allows links on it… And most other social networking sites do as well…

I’ve been having a hell of a time with the breathing issues I’m having. Actually this gives me a real bad headache. Oh well… enough for tonight I guess.

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Double diapers are comfy

I have put myself in a double diaper for bed tonight. I guess I just missed wearing 2 diapers. Of course I couldv’e just worn one of my thick cloth diapers, but disposable is better. If I had to choose between disposables, or cloth, I would have to go with disposables (no offense to the cloth lovers).

Now, onto AB clothing. I LOVE onesies. They are probably my favorite article of clothing. I have I think 3-4 of them at the moment, but I plan on getting more this summer. I also love shortalls, but I’m more of a fan of dresses really. I don’t have any babyish dresses at the moment but I’m working on getting one for my birthday this coming May. So far I have:

4 onesies

overalls, and shortalls

a pj set

baby hats


a ton of cute babydollish dresses and shirts, but not actual baby dresses

childish pjs

And that is pretty much it. If I have more I’ll probably add it later or something. Oh and I have a couple pairs of plastic pants too. I just forgot to add it LOL. I’m pretty spoiled I think , which can be good and bad at times.

I might be getting a third bunny sometime soon. I hope I do, but if I don’t, I shall be getting one this coming summer if I can go to the fair (they sell bunnies there sometimes).

Oh, and I haven’t done much more sewing for a few days, but I will be doing some sewing tomorrow.

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My temporary new banner

Lately I’ve been screwing around with photofiltre, and decided to make a cute banner out of it. It’s only temporary, until I learn how to use it better. It’s so fun to play around with pictures and make them look all awesome.

I’ve still been trying to perfect a few patterns for my sewing projects. A couple of days ago I got about 2 1/2 yards of different fabric from walmart. I got some nice white satin for a quilt I’m making, it’s a winnie the pooh one. Actually.. I’m making 2 of them. I got the winnie the pooh quilting squares while I was at jo ann fabrics the other week for about $3 each, so I bought 2 packs. That way my boyfriend and I will have matching quilts.

I finally got my sewing machine working, thanks to my mom’s friend. So now I get to make a ton more cloth diapers. And maybe fix my dress to make it prettier and more fluffy and cute. I think I might make the dress a solid pink, and then the butterflies for the skirt, fluffed out part. And maybe some lace around the bottom too.

I really don’t know much else to say. I will probably go work on a few things in sl, then go sew up a pillow for my little sister.

More tonight, and maybe some pictures of the diapers I got? (Diapers only, not attached to anyone)

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I guess the last start?

This will probably be my last blog. I hope to keep this one up longer with no problems, but we’ll see. Anyways, most know me from my last blog. I wear diapers 24/7 as most already know, and hope to keep up with that. At the moment I have 2 cases of tena classics, which are actually pretty good, I like them a lot. But their tapes really suck. Next time I’m getting way better ones. Oh, and I got some awesome fairy wings, they’re pink! You know, those children’s dress up fairy wings? Yea, I got a pair of those, because I thought they were awesome. At first I just wanted to hang them in my room.. but then I tried them on. And I’ve been running around everywhere in them ever since LOL, I’m such a dork. I also got some awesome story books, and a carebear cup.

I am getting pretty tired. I will be fixing up my blog soon, it’ll just take some time.

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